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Remote Biofield Healing

Healing Naturally

I have been working as an Natural Energy Healing Facilitator for the past 35 years, helping thousands of people understand how to tap into their body’s own healing mechanisms to rebalance their health states safely, quickly and naturally.

The Power of Frequency and Vibration

In the last 9 years I have been on an amazing journey that has led beyond the bandwidth of light frequencies associated with my studies as a Reiki Master towards a wider bandwidth of frequencies known as Biofield Energy Alignment Facilitation. 

All of my studies led me down a path to understanding the power that Frequency and Vibration play in our ability to tap into our own body’s natural healing abilities.

The Getting To The Heart Of The Matter Program

The  ‘GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER PROGRAM” assists you to understand what is at the heart of your physical, or emotional pain, symptoms of depression, anxiety, loneliness and  what may show up as feeling a lack of meaning and connection to your life.  This program is here to offer support to anyone who has felt like they have exhausted their time and energy using many methods of trying to support themselves, and are still finding themselves feeling directionless, in pain, and a sense of suffering.

Who This Program Is For

The people who have worked with me and have shifted their quality of life and health states, have felt they have tried everything.  They are ready to open themselves up to go beyond what could be considered invasive conventional methods such as surgery, addictive pharmaceutical drugs, endless trips to specialists, healers, and therapists.   They are looking to assist their body to rebalance without the side effects.

Next Steps

If you would like to receive an initial ILLUMINATION session to allow yourself the chance to feel what this work is about and to discover if and how we would work together, please contact Julie using the link at the bottom of this page. Note: The ILLUMINATION session is a pre requisite session to anyone desiring to join my HEART OF THE MATTER 4 AND 8 WEEK PROGRAMS.

If we decide to move forward together, you will receive a series of weekly Energy Healing Appointments designed to help you to connect with your own innate inner healing technology that is waiting for you to understand how to activate it.

You will also be given supportive tools to help you continue on after our time together so that you can continue to effectively assist yourself and your loved ones to align with the outcomes you are desiring for your health life, and wellbeing.


Embark on a journey of healing and wellbeing with me. Together, we’ll unlock your innate inner healing power and provide you with the tools to transform your health and life. Take the first step towards holistic wellness and schedule your initial ILLUMINATION session today.

Terahertz Technology

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